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" How I may be able to help you."

      The process of representation involves the ability to project conceptual images and subsequent reception of those ideas resulting in visualization. In order to assure that your presentation is visualized in the context and perspective that you intend to emphasize, leave nothing to chance by the use of my help. I can be paramount to your success by eliminating the variables such as: poor memory, shifting attention span and the lack of conceptual skills due to stress or simply confusion.

      I will help you close the gap between what you're projecting and what they are receiving. I specialize in idea depiction and professional design. I also specialize in creative content and copy, presentation speech and article writing. By allowing me to help you reinforce your presentation with artwork and or copy, you won't just sound good you'll look good as well.

     Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


     John Dorrill

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